Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little funny

Elliana's at the stage when all her words sound alike. I know she's saying different things, but to the untrained ear, it all sounds the same. For example:

Bye-bye= "ba-ba"

Baby= "ba-ba"

Banana= "ba-ba-ba" (not totally, but you know what I mean. :) )

Bubbles= "bu-bu"

Dog= "dah"

Duck= "duh"

She says other words, but it seems like these are the ones she says a lot. Today while we were in the car, Elliana was pointing to her baby doll and said, "ba-ba" (baby). Noah said to me, "did she just say ba-ba? She's so great at saying ba-ba". It was so cute, he was really sincere...like, "wow! she's got that down pat!" :) Yes, sweet boy, she's very good at saying ba-ba."

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krisnsean said...

Your kids are so sweet! And they are growing up so fast...fun to hear that Elliana is trying to talk. Miss you guys!