Friday, April 16, 2010

Vegetable Garden part 1

We spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out an area for a vegetable garden. We hadn't focused much on our back yard since we moved in and the weeds were out of control!! Since my in-laws own an organic produce nursery, they are coming out next week and bringing me everything I need to get my garden started. I can't wait!

The location:
Elliana helped test...errr...taste the soil to make sure it was good:
I loved that she loved getting dirty (btw...check out her blond hair!)
Noah was the foreman
No exaggeration, this entire green waste can was full of weeds!


Missy said...

Love the photos!!!

Grandma Nancy said...

Yay! You will LOVE growing your own veggies!!! Too bad you don't like tomatos...hopefully I can entice Noah and Elliana to taste Grandma's when they come in!

The David and Misty Hylkema Family said...

Don't know why...didn't see these ones earlier. Soo cute. I have to say my favorite is the one with Elliana and her eyes closed while her mouth is framed with dirt!! hahaha The look is like an adult woman who has just tasted and is savoring a really good piece of chocolate or something. hahahaha And Noah in his cute!!!!!